What Is X Nubia Phi?

Art by Kaylan F. Michael

X Nubia Phi is an Afro Futurist social network and online hub for curated news, thought leadership, and events involving Afrofuturism.

The social network is named after Planet X-Alpha-Nubia-Phi-Nueve – the planet that was discovered by the 10th mission into the Sirius star system by the United Nations of Alkebulan deep outerspace exploration vessel Nubia Phi 9.

The UNA deep outerspace exploratory vessel Nubia Phi 9 is named after their captain, the infamous Nubia Lozen Red Solar Earth (Kin 217).

(More about Captain Nubia Lozen…)


X Nubia Phi is also a fully functional global social network where Afro Futurists worldwide can connect, collaborate, and create the future.

Members of the X Nubia Phi community are called Citizens. As a Citizen, you have access to the following areas:

  • Customize a Personal Profile
  • Post Photos, Audio, and Video on the Community Activity Stream
  • Search the Members Directory and view Member Profiles
  • Connect through Affinity Groups, Chat, and Direct Messaging
  • Share your thoughts in your Personal Blog
  • Earn Points, Badges, and VIP Status
  • Connect through Online and Offline Events
  • Learn skills through Online Courses
  • Buy, Sell, Trade, and Donate through Classified Ads
  • Find Customers, Clients, Investors, and Business Opportunities


Art by Kaylan F. Michael

X Nubia Phi is the #1 source for curated news, information, musings, and events about or related to Afro Futurism, African Futurism, and all other Black and Futurist movements.

We are constantly scouring the internet for news, articles, lectures, editorials, commentaries, books, films, music, and live events that are by, about, related to, or in some way relevant to how Black, Afro, and African people will thrive into the future. As such, we tend to focus on how events, breakthroughs in the sciences, engineering, and technology might impact Black people, positively and negatively.

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Our vision is a healthy, thriving, sustainable, balanced, harmonious Earth and beyond that benefits from the leadership and wisdom of an Afrofuturistic consciousness.

Our mission is to provide Afrofuturists with information, intelligence, thought leadership, and community all leading to a healthy, positive, sustainable future for all beings on the planet. We do this through the Afrofuturist social network, Octavia E. Butler Library of Afrofuturism, curated news, and virtual events. Soon we also hope to offer free, online K-12 educational programs.

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