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Afro-Crypto is a virtual community of people who are ready to understand, embrace, and profit from cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrency is permanently changing the money game with digital currency, smart contracts, non-fungible tokens, and more, all utilizing fast, secure transaction processing technology that circumvents traditional banking institutions and cumbersome payment processing networks.

The Afro-Crypto Community supports your prosperity by providing education, training, information, tools, strategies, and, most importantly, a community of like-minded people who want you to succeed!

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Whether you are brand new to investing and cryptocurrency, or whether you are an experienced investor who’s been following cryptocurrencies for years, Afro-Crypto has something to offer you. Whether you are looking for someone to bounce ideas and strategies off of, or whether you are a beginner with no knowledge of cryptocurrencies or investing, Afro-Crypto welcomes you to join our community, learn as much as you can, share your knowledge, and build community wealth together.

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Join the Afro-Crypto Community today and get the following tools, events, news, analysis, training, and opportunities to up your crypto game:

The Future of Money

The Future of Money is a free Zoom meeting, presentation, and Q&A about specific topics relating to cryptocurrency and digital money. Drawing from the knowledge and experience of our community, Afro-Crypto presentations are designed to provide a basic understanding of cryptocurrency and the technology that runs it.

Afro-Crypto Online Group

The Afro-Crypto Online Group is our online space in X Nubia Phi where any member can ask questions, give advice, share investment strategies, review websites, and more. Just heard a great presentation on airdrops? Go to the Afro-Crypto Online Group to continue the conversation.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Markets

Afro-Crypto provides a list of over 200 online exchanges and markets for you to search, explore, and compare. Use our list to research the exchanges and markets where you can buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrency coins and tokens.

Cryptocurrency Market Cap and Price Table

Afro-Crypto provides a list of over 2,500 cryptocurrencies for you to search, explore, and compare. Our listing provides real-time prices, market caps, volume, supply, and per cent changes along with price graphs. For each cryptocurrency, we also provide a description, a calculator, charts, historical data, markets, social media links, current news, as well as links to its website.

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) List

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are excellent ways of investing in cryptocurrencies that have yet to hit the exchanges. Afro-Crypto provides you with a list of the latest ICOs offerings by up-and-coming blockchain companies.

Crypto Portfolio Tracker

Afro-Crypto provides you with an online cryptocurrency portfolio tracker that allows you to create one or more unique crypto-currency portfolios, track their performance in real-time, and share them with others.

Crypto Investors Circle

The Crypto Investors Circle convenes monthly to compare, share, and discuss member cryptocurrency investment strategies including day trading, ICOs, NFTs, mining, airdrops, and masternodes.

Crypto News and Analysis

Pulling from sources all over the internet, Afro-Crypto offers curated blog posts, news articles, and reports to make sure you have the most current cryptocurrency- and blockchain-related news and analysis.

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