Progressive Underground: ‘Where It Rains in Color’ reimagines beauty standards through Afro-futurism

(Article posted by Chris Campbell on Photo Credit: Denise Crittendon, Angry Robot Books)

Detroit author and former journalist Denise Crittendon discusses her foray into the genre and how she hopes to empower Black women.

Afro-futurism has been an emerging sub-genre within both music and literature — and it’s been rewriting the rules of engagement for how those of the African diaspora are perceived. With the release of “Where It Rains in Color,” Detroit author and novelist Denise Crittendon hopes to add a colorful mosaic to the genre while reimagining beauty stereotypes among Black women…

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(Article by Bryce West posted on Artwork: Shof Coker)

“Nigerian brothers and co-creators Shobo Coker (Buckhead) and Shof Coker (“Moremi” feature in Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire) portray a striking vision of West Africa under the thumb of alien colonizers in the forthcoming New Masters. The trade paperback edition will collect issues #1-6 of the immersive Afrofuturist series and land in stores from Image Comics this October…”

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Afro Con returns to Jackie Robinson Family YMCA

(Article by Beth Accomando on Photo Credit: Deniran Films)

“The second annual Afro Con takes place this weekend at the Jackie Robinson Family YMCA. Afro Con evolved out of the Afrofuturism Lounge that took place outside of Comic-Con back in 2018. That was the year that “Black Panther” rousingly brought Afrofuturism to mainstream consciousness…”

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The Black Sci-Fi Book Club

(Event posted by Moon on Photo credit: Moon)

“Online Meet & Greet! Hey Black Sci-Fi fam, let’s connect for a casual online Meet & Greet to get to know one another, decide how often we’d like to meet and what books and authors (besides Octavia) we’d like to explore together. See you soon…”

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The Past and Future of Afrofuturism

(Article by John-Baptiste Oduor posted on Photo credit: Kara Walker)

“The body of work loosely contained under the label of Afrofuturism exists within two radically distinct but conceptually overlapping timelines. The first encompasses the history of the United States but focuses its attention on slavery and its aftermath, traced all the way into the current century – the longue durée…”

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The World’s First International Black Heritage Month Connects The African Diaspora To Celebrate Juneteenth (USA) And Windrush Day (UK) Around The World Virtually

(Article by editor on Photo credit: editor)

“With a digital media platform that focuses on World Shapers, Afro-Futurism, Cultural Bridge Builders, and much more for 2022. Can you imagine the modern world without the influences of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Idris Elba, Naomi Campbell, Lewis Hamilton, or Sade? When we look at science and inventions, the contributions by people of color go wide and far from developing mathematics to architecture and much more especially from the continent of Africa…”

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X Nubia Phi: Afrofuturist Network

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Graphic Novel Explores Intersections of Buddhism and Afrofuturism

(Article by Amanda Ong on Photo credit:

The Eightfold Path is an anthology of interconnected Afrofuturistic parables inspired by the teachings of the Buddha. It traverses media, stories, cultures, and ideas. Johnson and coauthor Steven Barnes are both practicing Buddhists and have incorporated their beliefs into this series of Buddhist stories that intersect with science fiction and Afrofuturism…”

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Afrofuturism vs. Africanfuturism

(Article by Alyssa Shotwell on Photo Credit: Matt Kennedy/Marvel Studios 2018)

“Later this year, the highly anticipated sequel to Black Panther (2018), Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, releases. This will likely mark another big surge in wider public excitement and shared fan art depicting elements of Afrofuturism and Africanfuturism. Despite their similar origins and many cultural ties, these two genres within science fiction and speculative fiction tell very different stories…”

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What Is Afrofuturism?

Article by Allia Luzong on Photo Credit: Doja Cat.

Inside this article:

  • Afrofuturism is a sci-fi subgenre that imagines a future through the lens of the African diaspora.
  • Black Panther, the most mainstream Afrofuturistic piece of media, is a great example of the politics and themes that the genre tends to address.
  • Some argue that Afrofuturism is one-dimensional and still centers colonialism and Western oppression, leading to the birth of a second, related genre called African Futurism.
  • A handful of recommendations for you to check out if you want to see more of Afrofuturism and African Futurism.

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