Afrofuturism Connects African Diaspora Culture At Cube Fest 2022

(Article by Susan Bland posted on Photo credit: Alice Rogers for Virginia Tech)

“This year’s Cube Fest celebrates immersive Afrofuturist music with works from leading artists selected from an international pool of submissions. Presented by the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology and the Moss Arts Center, the festival runs from Friday, Aug. 19, through Sunday, Aug. 21, with events taking place in the Cube and Perform Studio, located in the Moss Arts Center at 190 Alumni Mall…”

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Covanta EVP Tequila Smith applies Afrofuturism to sustainability

(Article by Brittany Mackins on Photo credit:

Tequila Smith achieved industry-wide acclaim in her previous position as VP of sustainability for Georgia Power. Now the successful corporate leader who spent more than two decades with the Southern Company has decided to take a higher calling to bring awareness to and promote sustainable career options to the Black community while making more waves as executive vice president and chief sustainability officer for Covanta….”

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BnBs Meet NFTs: Earn Passive Income from Airbnbs Without Running Them

(Article by posted on Photo credit: CRD Network)

“Who else has seen entrepreneurs making 6-7 figures or more as AirBnB hosts? It’s quickly becoming one of the easiest ways to generate consistent, almost passive income. You’ve probably seen videos and ads from Airbnb “gurus” about the insane, nearly passive income potential of successful AirBnBs. But finding, furnishing, and running them isn’t as simple as it seems. It requires a ton of time, capital, and marketing skills most people don’t have…”

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Finding herself squarely in Afrofuturism

(Article by Henry Mochida on

“Elka M. Stevens, associate professor of fashion design at Howard University, participated in the 2021-22 Critical Race Studies Artist-in-Residence program in the Department of Art, Art History and Design. The residency welcomes accomplished artists to Michigan State University to expand student exposure to diversity, equity and inclusion in creative practice…”

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Black Main Street Crypto Investors See The Future

(Article by Kori Hale on Photo credit: )

“Last year, approximately 13% of Black households in the U.S. were unbanked which left them financially vulnerable. Cryptocurrencies and their decentralized financial model allow Black communities to grow their own wealth, after being ostracized for so long from traditional banking institutions… The number of crypto investors is on track to double as a new generation of Black traders emerge, with 44% of cryptocurrency traders being investors of color.”

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Fighting global poverty from space

(Article by TRT World on Photo Credit: TRT World)

“Night satellites orbiting the Earth can be a new way to identify economic inequality. Despite the success in reducing global poverty over the last two decades, nearly one billion people continue to live without access to reliable electricity, which in turn impacts health and welfare and impedes sustainable development. Knowing where these people are is crucial if aid and infrastructure are to reach them. Now, a new IIASA-led study proposes a method to estimate global economic wellbeing: the use of nighttime satellite images….”

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An Educational Guide to Afrofuturism

(Event posted on Photo Credit: Celia C. Peters)

“An Educational Guide to Afrofuturism” is a multimedia primer on the definition, origins and foundations of Afrofuturism. It explores the cultural phenomenon across its various expressions in art, music, film and fashion, including an introduction to the players whose works comprise the genre. On Wednesday, April 27, from 6:30 to 7:30 pm, resenter Celia C. Peters will provide a multifaceted introduction to what is one of the 21st century’s most powerful cultural juggernauts…”

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Inside Iyin Aboyeji’s plan to build charter cities for African tech

Article by Tage Kene-Okafor on Photo credit: Talent City.

“After helping build two unicorns and starting a VC fund, Aboyeji wants to create charter cities in Africa. But what are the odds of it working? African cities, particularly sub-Saharan ones, have the fastest global urban growth rate. But with challenges around overcrowding, congestion, infrastructure, power and poor governance, these cities are maxed out in what they can provide to the average African living in urban environments…”

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Silicon Valley VC’s have Money For African Startups [If You’re Not African]

Techish podcast on Photo credit: POCIT.

In this podcast episode, among other topics, Abadesi and Michael discuss why and how Silicon Valley has money for African startups – if you’re not African.

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Rescuing the Languages that Western Tech Ignores

Article by Associated Press on Photo credit: Associated Press.

“Computers have become amazingly precise at translating spoken words to text messages and scouring huge troves of information for answers to complex questions. At least, that is, so long as you speak English or another of the world’s dominant languages…”

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