AI is Everywhere

(Article by Ngozi Nwanji posted on Photo credit: Rick Kern)

“Over recent years, we’ve seen the rise of crypto, non-fungible tokens (NFT), and now, artificial intelligence (AI). The trending topics have made their way from the tech world and into pop culture. During an episode of the popular “The Friend Zone” podcast, the hosts even discussed a controversial viral moment involving AI. A clip circulated online of an AI-backed voice filter mimicking Kendrick Lamar’s voice…”

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The Black Sci-Fi Book Club

(Event posted by Moon on Photo credit: Moon)

“Online Meet & Greet! Hey Black Sci-Fi fam, let’s connect for a casual online Meet & Greet to get to know one another, decide how often we’d like to meet and what books and authors (besides Octavia) we’d like to explore together. See you soon…”

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The Past and Future of Afrofuturism

(Article by John-Baptiste Oduor posted on Photo credit: Kara Walker)

“The body of work loosely contained under the label of Afrofuturism exists within two radically distinct but conceptually overlapping timelines. The first encompasses the history of the United States but focuses its attention on slavery and its aftermath, traced all the way into the current century – the longue durée…”

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The World’s First International Black Heritage Month Connects The African Diaspora To Celebrate Juneteenth (USA) And Windrush Day (UK) Around The World Virtually

(Article by editor on Photo credit: editor)

“With a digital media platform that focuses on World Shapers, Afro-Futurism, Cultural Bridge Builders, and much more for 2022. Can you imagine the modern world without the influences of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Idris Elba, Naomi Campbell, Lewis Hamilton, or Sade? When we look at science and inventions, the contributions by people of color go wide and far from developing mathematics to architecture and much more especially from the continent of Africa…”

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X Nubia Phi: Afrofuturist Network

Looking to network with other Afrofuturist creatives?

Want to connect with potential supporters of your Afrofuturist project?

Looking to co-create the future of wellness, education, food science, and wealth?

Want an online home for your group that doesn’t steal your data?

X Nubia Phi is a social network designed specifically to connect Afrofuturist creatives and supporters of Afrofuturist visual arts, literature, sound art, mythology, and other sciences. Ultimately, we envision a network that Afrofuturist creatives utilize to create the future.

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Graphic Novel Explores Intersections of Buddhism and Afrofuturism

(Article by Amanda Ong on Photo credit:

The Eightfold Path is an anthology of interconnected Afrofuturistic parables inspired by the teachings of the Buddha. It traverses media, stories, cultures, and ideas. Johnson and coauthor Steven Barnes are both practicing Buddhists and have incorporated their beliefs into this series of Buddhist stories that intersect with science fiction and Afrofuturism…”

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Fighting global poverty from space

(Article by TRT World on Photo Credit: TRT World)

“Night satellites orbiting the Earth can be a new way to identify economic inequality. Despite the success in reducing global poverty over the last two decades, nearly one billion people continue to live without access to reliable electricity, which in turn impacts health and welfare and impedes sustainable development. Knowing where these people are is crucial if aid and infrastructure are to reach them. Now, a new IIASA-led study proposes a method to estimate global economic wellbeing: the use of nighttime satellite images….”

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Tiffany Haddish Ventures Into The World Of Virtual Reality

Article by Samantha Dorisca on Photo credit: Paras Griffin.

“Tiffany Haddish is venturing into the world of virtual reality (VR).  Joining forces with VR fitness app Supernatural, Tiffany Haddish will jumpstart their second annual “This Year Be You” campaign as the workout brand’s first celebrity guest coach, encouraging users to embrace transformation in the new year…”

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Rescuing the Languages that Western Tech Ignores

Article by Associated Press on Photo credit: Associated Press.

“Computers have become amazingly precise at translating spoken words to text messages and scouring huge troves of information for answers to complex questions. At least, that is, so long as you speak English or another of the world’s dominant languages…”

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Growth of Online Gaming Sector in Africa

(Article by Leah Shepherd on

“The worldwide gaming market was worth over $203 billion in 2020. Industry experts unanimously agree that they can expect growth in the coming years, especially in the online sector. It seems that the African market has the biggest growth potential. The main question is – how to achieve it?”

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