Micro, Macro, and HERO DOSAGE

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Chef Empress Xia Nei Chung

Micro, Macro, and HERO DOSAGE

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Micro – Macro – HERO DOSAGE with Moudou Baqui

Monday, October 11, 2021, 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Have you ever wondered how to use micro doses for mastery?

How to microdose for increased mastery?

What are stacks?

Preparing the microdosing, different supplements for different functions for the body. Increasing the well-being, the brain, the body.

People in ancient times during war, the soldiers or warriors, would take the medicine before making decisions. They would be intentional about mastering the body. In the martial arts micro was for training, macro was for engaging in battle, the mega was focused on seeing the battle.

Sourcery is a realm many people used to know how to do, the mushrooms helped them find out how to prevent something.

Moudou Baqui

Is a lifelong citizen of Highland Park a small city located in the heart of Detroit. He has been a student in the origins of human consciousness since a nearly age. Moudou is a third generation metaphysican an initiate in the ancient Muaride people of Senegal and the Ga Daghambi fighting society of Ghana. His introduction to the esoteric came from his father, former Grand Master of a local chapter of an international mystical order (AMORC)(following in the footsteps of his grandfather, who began his studies in the early 1900’s. At his father’s urging, he continued his studies of ancient knowledge without the formality of known institutions. He has further continued his studies of shamanism, metaphysics and ethnogenics via travel on several continents and tutelage under different intellectual traditions. He has been a previous speaker at Breaking convention 2016 and several other platforms throughout the U.K. , Germany, Africa and the Americas. His current focus is utilizing the Psychedelic experience as a therapeutic tool for addiction and depression and educating the public on the major benefits of these substances. Moudou also operates an educational consultant practice specializing as a mental coach and advocate.





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