Welcome to the X Nubia Phi Rewards Program!

One of the main benefits of membership in the X Nubia Phi community is the Rewards Program. As a member, you are automatically enrolled in the Rewards Program. You participate in contests and challenges and earn rewards points simply by navigating the network and posting and sharing in the community.


5 Easy Ways to Earn Daily Rewards


  1. Join the X Nubia Phi Community. The X Nubia Phi community is all Citizen and Merchant members. Members earns points by logging in, visiting the community timeline and member profiles, creating and joining groups, posting, commenting, and other community activities.

  2. Take a Course in The Academy. The Academy is the X Nubia Phi online learning environment that offers courses, workshops, seminars, presentations, conversations, and other events. You earn points every time you complete a course, attend an event, or view/listen to the recording.

  3. Become an Affiliate. Merchant members can join the X Nubia Phi affiliate marketing program. As an affiliate, in addition to earning income when you invite others to join our Afrofuturist community, you also earn points for the visits and registrations that your affiliate link generates.

  4. Bring your conversations to X Nubia Phi. X Nubia Phi offers a great option for hosting online conversations in our community Groups. Groups can be public (for any member to see) or private (viewable by specific members). Earn points when you create, join, post, like, share, or comment in groups.

  5. Participate in daily contests, games, and challenges. X Nubia Phi offers random online contests, games, challenges, and other opportunities for logged in members to earn points.


How to Earn Points

Activities in the Community Amount Limit
Publishing a new Post 10 No Limit
Publishing a new Message 5 No Limit
Publishing a new Comment 5 No Limit
Liking Content or a Profile 1 No Limit
Adding a Friend 10 No Limit
Posting a Photo 10 No Limit
Adding a new Profile Cover 5 Once daily
Adding a new Profile Avatar 5 Once daily
Activities Outside of the Community Amount Limit
Becoming a member 10 -
Logging In 10 Once daily
Publishing a Post 100 No Limit
Publishing a Page 1000 No Limit
Publishing a Classified Ad 10 No Limit
Viewing Classifieds 1 No Limit
Publishing a Testimonial 10 No Limit
Commenting on a Post 1 Maximum 100 times per post
Viewing a Video 1 -
Clicking special links 100 Once for each unique URL
Referring a visitor 10 No Limit
Referring a new member 100 Maximum once
Every year of membership 1,000 Once annually
Viewing a post 1 No Limit
Viewing a page 1 No Limit
Viewing Zoom Meetings and Webinars 100 No Limit
Buying Points 10 Maximum 1,000
Product Reviews 10 No Limit