Virtual Event Services

“Your destiny is in your mind.” – Capt. Nubia Lozen Red Solar Earth (Kin 217)

Launching in 2022!

We are looking forward to offering you some exciting new several virtual services to help you promote your project, program, or event.

We are building the infrastructure that will enable anyone to host a variety of virtual events from a monthly meeting to a multi-speaker conference. Following are a few of the types of events you will be able to host:

  • Virtual Art Exhibits
  • Virtual Book Launch Events
  • Virtual Video/Film Screenings
  • Virtual Conferences, Expos, and Summits
  • Virtual Record Release Parties
  • Virtual Watch Parties, and more!

So, if you are a creator of Afro-Futuristic content, we hope to soon be your go-to virtual event service provider!

Let’s talk about your project!

Are you considering hosting a virtual event in the near future? If so, schedule an appointment using the form below, and we will set up a brief meeting to discuss how X Nubia Phi can support your project!