X Nubia Phi: The Story

What is X Nubia Phi?

X Nubia Phi – whose official name is Planet X-Alpha-Nubia-Phi-Nueve – is the planet that was discovered in 2069 by the 10th mission (X) into the Sirius star system (Alpha) by the United Nations of Alkebulan deep space exploration vessel Nubia Phi 9 (Nubia Phi Nueve). The exploratory space vessel Nubia Phi 9 is named after it’s captain, the infamous Nubia Lozen Red Solar Earth (Kin 217).

By 2079, afronauts (as the astronauts from the U.N.A. were called) had terraformed X Nubia Phi and prepared the planet for long-term human habitation. The planet (and it’s solar system) were discovered not long after warp drive and many other technology were created, allowing for safe, long distance space travel in very short times.

The Nubia Phi 9 – United Nations of Alkebulan Deep Space Exploration Vessel

Captain Nubia gave her vessel the name, Nubia, since she was the ship’s Captain. (Nubia herself was named after the African region encompassing the area between Aswan in southern Egypt and Khartoum in central Sudan that was home to several empires, most prominently the kingdom of Kush.)

She also gave her vessel the name Phi because, in mathematics, Phi is Greek letter that represents a number that is the basis for the Golden Ratio, a fundamental design element in our universe.

And, she named her 9 because, in numerology, the number 9 represents the Divine.


  • 2019 – X Nubia Phi social network launched igniting a worldwide movement of Africans to work together to compete economically on a global level.
  • 2020 – The world shuts down due to a global pandemic. Over 250 million Americans. Incumbent U.S. President Donald Trump loses the election but challenges the results in court. X Nubia Phi begins hosting a monthly virtual discussion called The AfroFuturist Agenda.


—————- TODAY —————-


  • 2021 – X Nubia Phi hosts its first international summit focused on cryptocurrency and global monetary solutions.
  • 2021 – X Nubia Phi group discussions foster innovative approaches to solving the world’s energy, pollution, population, poverty, global warming, and hunger problems.
  • 2022 – X Nubia Phi launches an online academy that revolutionizes K-12 education and makes it free for all members.
  • 2023 – X Nubia Phi launches an online university that revolutionizes post-secondary education and makes it free for all members.
  • 2024 – X Nubia Phi evolves into the Global African Network (GAN) with active members from every country on every continent. The GAN implements technology solutions that enable access even for the most impoverished global citizens.
  • 2024 – The GAN creates its own cryptocurrency called the gan. The gan proves to be quite stable and secure and quickly gains popularity in the GAN because it allows members from different countries to easily transact business with each other.
  • 2025 – The GAN is upgraded with special AI developed collectively by the GAN community, becomes conscious, and achieves singularity.
  • 2025 –  Elijah (son of the developer of the X Nubia Phi social network) and Ma’at meet at online university on the GAN. They feel deeply aligned and form a heart-based alliance that lasts the rest of their lives.
  • 2026 – The GAN strikes a historic deal with the 10 poorest countries in Africa (Somalia, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, Liberia, Niger, Malawi, Mozambique, Eritrea, Madagascar) to upgrade their technology infrastructures, educate their citizens, and replace their national currencies with the gan. Within twelve months, all of those countries are competing economically on the international level and poverty all but disappears.
  • 2027 – All African Union (AU) countries adopt the gan as their national currency. The GAN community helps the AU reorganize and include all African countries. By the end of 2027, all African countries have adopted the gan as their national currency.
  • 2028 – Through the GAN, Africans in the diaspora are able to combine efforts, create virtual companies, and develop several innovations in science, technology, energy, health, education, architecture, and the arts.
  • 2029 – Through collaborations formed in the GAN, Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa become major technology research and development centers. Tech development efforts are facilitated greatly by African American owned tech companies, venture capital firms, banks, and celebrities.
  • 2030 – The first African aerospace corporation is formed.
  • 2030 – Elijah and Ma’at establish a child-centered partnership.
  • 2031 – Elijah and Ma’at emigrate to Mali.
  • 2032 – Nubia Lozen Red Solar Earth (Kin 217) is born to Elijah and Maat on March 26,
  • 2032 – African Americans begin applying for dual citizenship to African countries. Massive emigration of African Americans to African countries.
  • 2033 – On the anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s release from prison, the first African spacecraft is successfully launched into space from the Winnie Mandela Space Center outside of Capetown, South Africa.
  • 2034 – GAN member company innovations are key to solving many problems of the day including pollution (land, sea, and air), clean non-destructive energy, exponential population growth, rising health crisis — all the effects of out-of-control, toxic patriarchy (violence, sexism, misogyny, racism, ageism, religion, heterosexism, slavery, war, prostitution, psychology, etc. ad nauseam) — greatly improving the lives and standard of living for everyone on the planet.
  • 2039 – Warp drive technology developed and perfected by a GAN research firm in Nuevo Liberia.
  • 2040 – Africa’s countries outpace all others as the world’s leader in innovation in clean energy production, healthy, sustainable economies, mind technology, health sciences, and education.
  • 2041 – The independent nations of the AU come together to form one nation, the United Nations of Alkebulan (U.N.A.). The U.N.A. members sign and ratify a constitution that governs all former independent nations. The U.N.A. is the largest, most stable economy in the world and is now considered a world power. European and American economic interests have to comply or are summarily expelled from the U.N.A.
  • The United States of America descends into political chaos as it’s economy crashes over competing business interests unable to find a feasible business solution to the employment, food, healthcare, housing, and violence crises. The US economic emergency gives the G7 justification for voting the US of America out of the G7. The U.N.A. is accepted into the UN and replaces the US of America as a global super power in the G8.
  • 2042 – The U.N.A. develops a Deep Space Exploration Program
  • 2048 – (16 year old) Nubia, who majored in Astrophysics and Dogon Science, is accepted into the elite U.N.A. Solar System Exploration Program.
  • 2050 – (18 year old) Nubia completes the program and embarks on a two-year tour of U.N.A. space stations in the solar system.
  • 2052 – (20 year old) Nubia returns from tour and is recruited to serve as Chief Navigation Officer aboard the Deep Space Exploration Program vessel #9.
  • 2060 – (28 year old) Captain Nubia leads the first of many Deep Space expeditions into the Sirius solar system.
  • 2068 – (36 year old) Nubia leads the 9th expedition to the Sirius system
  • 2069 – (37 year old) Nubia leads the 10th expedition into the Sirius solar system that discovers the planet eventually named X-Alpha-Nubia-Phi-Nueve, named after the deep space exploration vessel Nubia Phi 9. The planet becomes known as X Nubia Phi.
  • 2070 – Afronauts (as the astronauts from the U.N.A. were called) begin to prepare the planet for settlement and long-term human habitation.
  • 2079 – (47 year old) Captain Nubia Arrives on X Nubia Phi with the 1st Settlement of Afronauts
  • 2179 – 1st Centennial Celebration of the X Nubia Phi Settlement