Welcome to Wealth Builders!

What Is Wealth Builders?
Wealth Builders is an amazing affiliate marketing program that enables Merchant members to earn income while taking courses, creating sustainable communities, and sharing The Blueprint to building wealth.

What Is The Wealth Builders Mission?
The Wealth Builders mission is provide individuals with the tools required to enhance their lives, achieve their dreams, and build massive wealth.

What Is The Wealth Builder Mindset?
The Wealth Builder mindset is that we don’t sell products, goods, or services. Rather, we connect people to the infinite possibilities of their lives and the power of their dreams. Our motto is to never give up on your dreams!

How Do I Participate?
To participate in Wealth Builders, become a Merchant member, take courses, earn Rewards points, share your affiliate link with others, and start building wealth today while you learn!

How Does Wealth Builders Work?
The Wealth Builders program is one of the simplest, most revenue-producing affiliate programs around. As a registered Wealth Builder, simply share your Affiliate link with others via email or social media. Whenever someone clicks your link and becomes a Merchant member, that person is considered a 1st level affiliate of your business. You receive 10% of the value of their purchases from X Nubia Phi every month.



As you can see, your business can go both wide (lots of 1st level affiliates) and deep (many levels below you). The key to maximizing your income is to focus on going both wide and deep.

Also, as you can see, the 1st level of your 1st level is actually your second level. And you receive 5% of your 2nd level affilates’s total purchases. And you continue to earn income like that for NINE LEVELS DOWN.



Keep in mind that the above graphic is based on everyone in your business having three 1st level affiliates and building down from there. At 9 levels down, you could be earning almost $12,000 a month, which is a 6-figure income. And that’s what makes this system so powerful.

Do I Or My Affiliates Have To Make Purchases To Earn Income?
You and your affiliates simply have to maintain your $40 monthly membership (which, by the way, you can pay with points you earn in the Rewards Program). The calculations above are based solely on everyone in your downline paying only their monthly membership.

Do I Or My Affiliates Have To Take Courses To Earn Income?
No, no one has to take courses in order to earn income. However, the more courses you take, the better positioned you are to talk about the benefits of membership.

How Else Can I Make Money With Wealth Builders?
We hold daily, weekly, and monthly sales challenges and contests that pay cash bonuses. As an Affiliate, you are automatically entered into every challenge and contest.

What is The Blueprint To Building Wealth?
The Blueprint is a simple 3-step process:

Step 1:
Purchase a Merchant membership and register as an Affiliate.

Step 2:
Recruit at least three people for your 1st level. These will be people who want to make easy money while learning about crypto and sharing what they learned. It is vitally important to quickly enroll them in the wealth building mindset because, however you bring the in, they will repeat it.

Step 3:
Teach your three 1st-level Affiliates how to share the opportunity and find their three 1st-level Affiliates. Continue to support your Affiliates and their Affiliates for at least nine levels down.

If you are already a Merchant member, your next step is to register as an Affiliate.

If you are already an Affiliate, then view your Dashboard and see how you’re doing. 

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent the X Nubia Phi Compensation Plan and its income potential. All earnings or income examples will depend solely on the ideas, techniques, knowledge, skills, and time vested in your independent business. X Nubia Phi Wealth Builders does not guarantee any results or success level and is not responsible for any decisions you make in relation to promoting our products or your business. All income examples used by X Nubia Phi Wealth Builders are not to be considered average earnings. Please understand that what you are seeing and hearing in our presentations are early adopter versions. We may still make final changes to the products and compensation plan before launching to the open market. Please do not take screenshots, refrain from recording, and do not share this information publicly on social media until official company approved marketing material is released. Thank you.