It is said that the following words were in a journal “found” by Inventor Calvin Scott, Texas Instruments lab technician who invented the microchip in 1957. (Two years later, Scott’s white boss, TI Engineer Jack Kilby, would receive a US patent for Scott’s invention.) Scott said the journal was given to him by a “woman from the future.”

According to Scott, the first page had the following note:

“Beloved Ancestors,

“Fear not, for we are your descendants from our collective future. We have traveled back at this most auspicious time to assist you, our ancestors. We were sent to you during this time of your 36th Awakening by our most esteemed Capt. Nubia Lozen.

“Our mission is to share our wisdom and help you prepare for the future. You are living in the times of which your ancestors spoke that foretold of your rise to global leadership. All of the forces are aligned at this moment. Now, it is time for you to take action.

“As per your instructions, we set up this portal to direct you from the future through different areas of learning that will be critical to your present transformation. All courses are free to members.

“We encourage you to complete as many courses as you can. We also encourage you to ask questions in the course Group. The more knowledge you have, the more prepared you will be. We are all one community here for each other.

“We thank you, our ancestors, for this opportunity to support you.”

With Respect,

Helen Elizabeth “Lizzy” Red Galactic Skywalker (Kin 73)
West Calivada Province, Sector 5
January 18, 2075

The journal goes on to say that X Nubia Phi (whose official name is Planet X-Alpha-Nubia-Phi-Nueve) is the planet that will be discovered in 2069 by the 10th mission (X) into the Sirius star system (Alpha) by the United Nations of Alkebulan hyperspace exploration vessel Nubia Phi 9.

The vessel is named after her Captain, the fearless Nubia Lozen Red Solar Earth (Kin 217).

By 2079, afronauts (as the astronauts from the U.N.A. were called) will have terraformed X Nubia Phi and prepared the planet for long-term human habitation. The planet (and it’s solar system) will be discovered not long after hyperdrive, plasma mirrors, quantum imagining, and many other technologies are created, allowing for safe, long distance space travel in very short times.

By 2079, we have also mastered time travel.

What is X Nubia Phi?


Inspired by our descendants from the future, X Nubia Phi is a fully-functional social network with a community timeline, personal profile pages with personal blogs, public and private groups, direct messaging, chat, and more. Our online community is designed to promote exploration, connection, and collaboration amongst community members who are called Citizens and Merchants.


Free for members, our self-paced online courses focus on introducing members to emerging technologies and novel approaches to understanding and building the future. We offer courses in the areas of education, banking and finance, travel wellness, leadership, food science, and more. Take a course or submit your online course for the community.


As a thank you for your membership, we now offer a Rewards Program that awards points for simply interacting with others in the community. Merchant members can also earn points by participating in daily, weekly, and monthly contests and challenges. Points can be used to purchase X Nubia Phi merch or exchanged for cash!


We offer an amazing affiliate marketing program that enables Merchant members to earn income by inviting others to experience the benefits of belonging to the X Nubia Phi community. Because we rely so heavily on our affiliates to spread the word, we offer a generous compensation plan that pays nine levels down.


Our vision is a healthy, thriving, sustainable, balanced, harmonious Earth and beyond that benefits from the leadership and wisdom of an Afrofuturistic consciousness.

Our mission is to provide Afrofuturists with information, education, intelligence, thought leadership, and community all leading to a healthy, positive, sustainable future for all beings on the planet. We do this through the Afrofuturist social network, and future projects like The Octavia E. Butler Library of Afrofuturism. Soon we also hope to offer free, online K-12 educational programs.

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