Crypto Investors Circle

The Crypto Investors Circle convenes monthly to compare, share, and discuss member cryptocurrency investment strategies including day trading, ICOs, NFTs, mining, airdrops, and masternodes.

This month, Be prepared to recap your March activities and share successful strategies.

We also want to put together a list of the 10 Hot Cryptocurrencies for this month. What’s on your list?

The Future of Money II: Understanding Cryptocurrency

What Is Cryptocurrency?

In December 2017, BitCoin skyrocketed to its (at that time) all-time highest price of $19,650. One year later, most of them (including BitCoin) had dropped back down to their pre-2017 prices where they stayed until November 2020. BitCoin is now threatening to break $62,000, and other cryptocurrencies have surpassed their 2017 peak prices.

Today, the world is changing. Cryptocurrency, and other applications of blockchain technology, are revolutionizing industries. Non-fungible tokens are turning the digital art world upside down. Celebrities are launching their own coins. People are making fortunes on the cryptocurrency exchange markets.

In this virtual gathering, we will breakdown cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, public ledger, coins, tokens, coin exchanges, digital wallets, initial coin offerings, airdrops, DeFi, nodes, masternodes, mining, and smart contracts.

This meeting will be recorded.

About the Host:

Donald Gerard, MA, CHT, is a WisdomWork Coach who is passionate about helping adults identify and change lifelong patterns so that they can experience more clarity, alignment, and flow as they move through major life transitions. Before serving as WisdomWork Coach, Donald had a successful career in tech which included knowledge engineering as well as management of computer operations and information systems, tech support, customer support, and wide and local area network operations for financial institutions and tech start-ups.