The Afro Futurist Agenda: The Future of Elections

The AfroFuturist Agenda: The Future of Elections

At the time this meetup event was created (October 07, 2020), the U.S. Presidential Election was less than one month away, and The President and the Republican Party had already admitted publicly that their strategy was national voter suppression and had already begun to challenge the validity of mail-in voting and, thus, the election results.

Considering all of the advances in online transactions, secure communications, artificial intelligence, social media, facial recognition, and access to public records, seems like it would be relatively easy to create a voting system that guarantees fair elections, whether the election is local, statewide, or national.

What is the future of elections?

In this virtual gathering, look forward to a lively discussion on how current and future technology does and will affect elections in America. Please join us as we share and explore ideas, tap into our collective hearts and minds, and have fun as we brainstorm a future in which Africans and people of African descent worldwide continue to thrive against all odds.

About the Host:

Donald Gerard (he/him/his) is a Wisdom Work Coach, AfroFuturist, and BLERD who enjoys discussing sci-fi, mysticism, dreams, and mythology, and whose travels have taken him to Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ghana, and the Caribbean.