The movie Black Panther, through its depiction of Black life in the fictional country of Wakanda, offered us a glimpse of how healthy Black relationships might look in the absence of racism and oppression. What are some of the ways healthy relationships were portrayed in the film? Were any important aspects of healthy relationships missing?

Imagine you can transport yourself to a future Wakanda. Which aspects of healthy relationships would you want to see and experience? In what ways do Black relationships (or more specifically, YOU) need to change in order to create and embrace Wakanda? How do you imagine the possibility of shifting racial dynamics, global climate change, and growing wealth disparity will affect our intimate relationships? Is the evolution of Black dating and relationships necessary before we can create Wakanda? Or will the creation of Wakanda evolve our relationships?

In this virtual gathering, guest host Donald Gerard will facilitate a lively discussion focused on collectively re-imagining our future – and the future of our planet – through a Black lens. Please join us as we share ideas, tap into our collective hearts and minds, and have fun as we brainstorm a future in which we continue to thrive against all odds.

Donald Gerard, MA, CHT, is a WisdomWork Coach who is passionate about helping adults identify and change lifelong patterns so that they can experience more clarity, alignment, and flow as they move through major life transitions. Before serving as WisdomWork Coach, Donald had a successful career in tech which included knowledge engineering as well as managing computer operations and information systems, tech support, customer support, and wide and local area network operations for financial institutions and tech start-ups.



Topic: From Here To Wakanda: Re-Imagining Healthy Relationships
Hosted By: Donald Gerard
Start: Thursday, Sep 17, 2020 06:00 PM
Duration: 2 hours 0 minutes
Current Timezone: America/Los_Angeles

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